Physics is also present in the Final FRCA. Admittedly, this is mostly a clinical exam, but they do like throwing in the odd question about basic sciences. The physics questions are usually answered badly, but realistically they are fairly easy to pass.

Its always a bit of a gamble doing work on physics for the final. You will always get a few MCQs about physics (after all, 20/60 of the questions are basic science), and maybe one or two SBAs. The gamble comes with the SAQs. You can go two or three exams with nothing, No physics whatsoever. Then the next exam, there are a few questions. There have been instances with no physics questions for years, followed by a few!

Make sure you have a look through the past paper questions. They are available back to 1997 if you look around the RCOA website and the internet. Remember, Examiners frequently reuse questions, hence it can be high impact revision.

Past Paper questions – This is a list of all the physics related questions since 1997

Potential questions – This is a list of things that MAY come up.

Physics and Clinical Measurement for the Final – Presentation from Welsh Deanery Final FRCA Written course, December 2018.

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